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Dog Off Leash Training


One of the biggest mis steps we see is when people rush the training process and do not accomplish on leash before they do off leash reliability.

On leash training is the core and the foundation for every area of your dog’s life. How your dog responds to you is an indication of the relationship that you two share. If your dog blows you off, ignores you, or does things in his own time it is a clear indicator that things will only get worse when you remove the leash.

The layering of training and conditioning you do with your dog should be a habit, a natural way of thinking with consistency while you are training obedience with a lead.

Once you feel that you have reached a point of behaviors and commands being second nature matched with out resistance is when you can start layering in the process of being off lead.

Remember if your relationship with your dog is messy before you take off the leash, then it will only become more magnified when you remove that leash that has been connecting you. Your trust in each other acts as an invisible lead between you, and that is the fairy dust that makes off leash so magical.reliability