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Looking for a dog training system that brings your furry friend back to a natural way of thinking and behaving? Look no further than our "real world" dog training program! Our expert dog trainers create a balanced and well-behaved family pet that fits seamlessly into your household.

No matter how bad or out of control you think your dog's behavior is, we can help. With our proven training methods and personalized approach, we've helped countless dogs and their owners achieve a happy and harmonious life together. So why wait? Sign up for our dog training program today and see the results for yourself!

Curtis Craig Dog Training Master


Looking for a world-renowned dog trainer who understands the intricacies of the human-dog relationship? Meet Curtis Craig – an expert with over 30 years of experience living with packs of nearly 30 dogs. His unique perspective and amazing insight into dog behavior make him the go-to expert for owners looking to improve their pet's behavior.

Curtis's approach to dog training is informed by his deep understanding of both human and canine psychology. He knows how to communicate with dogs in a way that they understand, while also helping owners build stronger relationships with their furry friends.

With Curtis's guidance and expertise, you can transform your dog's behavior and create a happier, healthier relationship with your pet. Don't wait – contact Curtis today and take the first step towards a better life with your furry friend.

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Puppy & Adult Dog Training


Are you tired of dealing with your dog's unruly behavior at home? Our board & train dog training program can help! Our expert dog trainers teach dogs to behave all the time by providing building a happy, positive relationship, structured exercise, free time, socializing with other dogs, and long-duration calming exercises.

With our program, we'll teach your dog how to thrive peacefully in a human home, no matter what distractions may arise. Our trainers work closely with your dog to address any behavior issues, from excessive barking to destructive chewing, and everything in between.

At our place, your dog will enjoy a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment, with plenty of opportunities for exercise and socialization. With our personalized approach to training, we'll tailor our program to meet your dog's unique needs and personality.

Don't let your dog's behavior issues disrupt your home life any longer. Sign up for our board & train program today and experience the difference for yourself!

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Puppy Training & Socialization


Puppy Training at The Calm K9 will put your puppy on the fast track to becoming a balanced and well-mannered dog. During our board & train obedience program, we will work on potty training, crate training, basic obedience, leash walking, greeting behavior, and more!

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Dog Training in Orlando and Central Florida

Looking for a dog training program that offers a unique approach to learning? Look no further than our pack training program! We believe that dogs learn best by observing and interacting with other dogs, which is why we introduce them to a group of relaxed, well-behaved, and working canines during their training.

Unlike other dog trainers, we have a large pack of our own dogs, made up of 14 canines of various breeds, sizes, and temperaments. These dogs serve as "canine instructors," helping your adult or puppy learn important socialization and obedience skills that will last a lifetime.

But our training program isn't just for dogs – we work closely with owners as well. At the end of the program, we provide easy-to-follow instructions that ensure lasting results and a harmonious relationship between owner and pet.

At our place, you can expect a safe, learning environment where your dog will receive personalized attention from our expert dog trainers. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to dog training – choose our pack training program and experience the difference for yourself!

Curtis and Meredith have trained thousands of dogs from all over the USA…

…as well as dogs from Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, and even Afghanistan!

About The Calm K9

At The Calm K9, we're not your average dog trainers – we're passionate dog owners who understand the ups and downs of pet ownership. We know what it feels like to deal with a troublesome pup, and that's why we're dedicated to helping you and your furry friend build a stronger, happier bond.

When you work with our team, you'll be talking to someone who truly cares and has gone through similar experiences. We blend our personal insights with years of education and practical training to create tailored programs that provide real solutions to even the toughest dog obedience and behavioral issues.

We're located in Longwood, FL, just outside of Orlando, making it easy for dog owners from all over, including Orange County, Lake County, and even places as far as Alaska, to access our unique brand of balanced dog training.

Over the years, we've helped countless dogs and their families achieve success where other trainers have fallen short. Whether you're struggling with behavioral problems, separation anxiety, or just want to improve your dog's overall behavior, we're here to help. So why wait? Get in touch with us today and see for yourself the amazing difference our team can make in your life and your furry friend's life!

Is it too late to train my dog?

This is a common question we receive from concerned dog owners who may have struggled with obedience training in the past. At The Calm K9, we believe it's never too late to help your furry friend become a well-behaved and happy companion.

We've had many success stories with our K9 students, but one of the most memorable is Charlie's story. Charlie was a stray dog from the Dominican Republic who suffered abuse and neglect. When his future "mom" rescued him and brought him to the United States, he was filled with mistrust and aggression towards humans.

With lots of patience, training, and help from our own pack of dogs, we were able to transform Charlie into a loving and well-behaved companion. We've also worked with dogs that were recommended to be euthanized due to extreme aggression, but with our structured training and human guidance, we were able to give them a new lease on life.

So if you're feeling discouraged about your dog's behavior, don't give up hope. Contact us at The Calm K9 and let us help you and your furry friend achieve a happy and harmonious relationship.