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With their reputation of being one of the smartest and most trainable breeds of dogs, German shepherds are very popular in the United States and all over the world today.

With an experienced dog trainer, German shepherds can be taught to become the perfect protection dog as they always display a high level of loyalty towards their owners. But if the training was done improperly, loyalty can lead to overprotectiveness, jealousy, and even aggressiveness towards other family members and people in general.

german shepherd training Orlando FL

As the name suggests, the breed was developed in Germany at the end of the 19th century by crossing several herding dog breeds. The end result was a beautiful dog with a sturdy body and a courageous, strong character. The breed creator was giving his best puppies to the police for training and service. Soon after, German shepherds became the breed of choice for the military and police.

The breed was brought to the US by soldiers returning home from World War II. The peak of their popularity coincided with the release of the movie Strongheart and later Rin Tin Tin. Unfortunately, an increased demand in German shepherd puppies due to popularity was one of the main reasons for over breeding. As a result, several health issues became associated with this breed.

Many people who liked German shepherds on the movie screen were not prepared to train and handle them in everyday life. Being shepherd dogs, they have a strong hunting drive and also require special handling and rigorous exercise. If not addressed early on, the hunting drive can result in aggression towards dogs and other animals.

If you are thinking of getting a German shepherd, here are some things to consider.

They are medium to large-sized dogs with an average height of 22”- 26” and an average weight of 48-88lbs. They are strong, built dogs and should be managed appropriately.
If you live in the city, this breed may not be the best fit because they need lots of exercise. It is helpful to have a backyard or park nearby where they can play.
Before buying a puppy, consider adopting. There are several GS rescue organizations in the US. Before the adoption, you can receive helpful information about the dog’s personality traits to help you find the perfect match.
• When buying a puppy, research the breeder. Purchase from responsible breeders only to avoid inbreeding health issues in your puppy. Poorly bred German shepherds can display extra nervousness, which may be difficult to manage.
German shepherds’ training and socialization should begin early on. Find a dog trainer who has experience working with this breed. Poor training and socialization can result in dogs’ over guarding and aggression.

If you live in Central Florida, you can contact us for all your German shepherd training needs. In addition to training numerous “students”, we have a pack of German shepherds as our pets. They are loveable, obedient, and good with children and other dogs. With our expertise in training German shepherds and our own dogs, we can train and socialize your dog properly and help them to become a calm and enjoyable companion for years to come.

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