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The Calm K9 provides expert dog training serving Winter Park and nearby areas in Central Florida. Our "real world" dog training system brings dogs back to a natural way of thinking and behaving, thereby creating a balanced and well-behaved family pet.

We believe that every dog can be trained, and most dogs with fear, aggression or reactivity issues can be rehabilitated.

Premier Dog Trainers in Winter Park & Central Florida

Dog Training - Winter Park FLThe proprietors of The Calm K9 are Curtis and Meredith Craig. Curtis Craig is a premier dog trainer and dog behavior expert. Curtis has mastered the human-dog relationship, and he understands the psychology of both humans and canines.

Curtis and Meredith are not just dog trainers, they are dog owners that understand the struggles of having dogs. They have personally experienced nearly every dog-related situation imaginable and are dedicated not only to training and rehabilitating your dog, but to helping you manage as well. Before returning to your home in Winter Park or nearby areas of Central Florida, you are provided with a guide to maintaining your dog’s good behaviors.

Our Dog Training Mission

Dog Training - Winter Park FLTraining dogs is not just our business, it is our mission. The Calm K9 believes that every dog can be helped, and we want to share our expertise with dog owners in Winter Park and throughout Central Florida.

From our dog training facility in Ocoee, The Calm K9 provides arguably the best dog training services available in Winter Park and Central Florida. Our board & train dog training programs teach dogs to behave all of the time. Through structured exercise, play and socialization with other dogs, and long-duration calming exercises, we teach dogs how to exist in a human home.

The Calm K9 Dog Training Technique

Dog Training - Winter Park FLThe foundation of our dog training technique is: Dogs learn best from other dogs. The Calm K9 employs Curtis & Meredith's personal pack as canine dog trainers!

A dog that is reactive or aggressive when joining our pack quickly learns that it is OK to trust a human or another dog. The pack will help an anxious or aggressive dog to relax and learn good manners.

When introduced into a group of relaxed, well behaved, and working canines, dogs observe appropriate behavior. To become part of the pack, dogs need to adapt to the behavior of the pack. When a dog exhibits appropriate behavior, other members of the pack will let them know – and peer approval means much more to a dog than a click or a treat.

It's Never Too Late to Train a Dog

Dog Training - Winter Park FLMany dog owners in Winter Park and areas of Central FL have been told their dogs are "beyond help or training", but The Calm K9 believes that every dog – no matter how aggressive – can be rehabilitated.

Without endangering themselves or their pack, Curtis and Meredith have introduced such dogs to a new life full of structure, rules, and human leadership. "Untrainable" dogs, who had been recommended to be euthanized, have been successfully trained and rehabilitated by The Calm K9.

A Message for Anyone Looking for Dog Training in Winter Park, FL

Dog Training - Winter Park FLThere are plenty of alternatives when looking for dog training in Winter Park and Central Florida, but there's only one real choice: The Calm K9!

  • Balanced Dog Training
  • Expert Dog Behaviorists
  • Diverse Pack of Canine "Dog Trainers"
  • Immersive Board & Train Programs
  • Success Rehabilitating "Untrainable Dogs"
  • Conveniently located in Ocoee, serving Winter Park and all of Central Florida.

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