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While there are some dogs lucky enough to live in an area with wide open spaces and plenty of excellent roaming possibilities that make leash use infrequent or even completely unnecessary, most of us live in places that hold a plethora of distractions that may make letting our dogs off-leash feel intimidating. Our minds play out all of the worst-case scenarios of what might happen once the leash is off, including watching helplessly as our pups run off, unresponsive to our calls, or worse, watching them run into a busy street.

While the prospect of letting our dogs loose can be scary, it is important to remember the many benefits that both you and your dog will experience from giving them this bite of freedom. With the proper off-leash training program from The Calm K9, you and your dog can both feel confident and comfortable without the constraints of the leash.

Off-Leash Benefits for Your Dog

Dogs don’t always like to move around their space the same way humans do, and solely walking your dog on a leash can deprive them of many opportunities to exercise their ancestral ways. Letting them experience the world around them off-leash has many incredible benefits for them, such as:

  • They can follow their nose, which provides great mental stimulation and invigoration
  • They are able to exercise the way their bodies are meant to exercise, with bursts of speed interspersed with bouts of intense focus on things that grab their interest
  • They learn to feel confident in their choices and abilities, which can reduce unwanted behaviors
  • They can burn off excess energy, which can also help in reducing unwanted behavior as well as helping promote good sleeping patterns.

Off-Leash Benefits for You

That's right, not only does your dog reap tremendous benefits from losing the leash every once in a while, so do you! As dog owners, we need to feel like we’re doing what's right for our best friends, and giving ourselves the confidence to let our dogs be their best through our comprehensive off-leash training program can help us in many ways, including:

  • A deeper connection with and understanding of your dog
  • Less anxiety surrounding bringing our dogs around people and other dogs
  • No more tripping hazards without a leash getting wrapped around your ankles!

Proper Off-Leash Training Helps Reduce Risks

As we mentioned before, letting our dogs off leash can be a little bit scary. There are a lot of aspects to this human world of ours that dogs don’t fully understand, and we know the consequences can be dire should our pups make a poor decision. At The Calm K9, we take a two-pronged approach in our off-leash training program that combines the use of a remote E-collar with a step-by-step skills growth model to ensure both dog and owner feel confident in their abilities.

When you bring your dog to The Calm K9, your will be introducing them to a family of dogs and humans that play together, learn together, and grow together. We aren’t just dog trainers-we’re also dog owners who have a great deal of love and respect for our canine friends. Give us a call today at 321-442-1609 to speak with one of our experienced and empathetic trainers, and watch your dog grow into their full potential!

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