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More than just dog trainers, we're dog owners that understand the struggles and hardships of having a dog. So we know where you are now, how you feel, and what you are looking for. We know how to help change your and your dog’s life.

When you talk to us, you're talking with someone who's been in your shoes and who cares. We have the knowledge and tools to help not only your dog, but you as well. We combine our extensive education with our many years of experience to create the best balanced training programs. that offer solutions and results to

We take on the most challenging of dog obedience and dog behavioral issues, and we succeed where other trainers have failed.

The Calm K9 is located in Ocoee, FL in Central Florida, convenient to Orange County, Silver Springs Shores, Lake County, Orlando & Kissimmee. Dogs from as far away as Alaska have come to The Calm K9 for our unique brand of balanced dog training.

About Curtis Craig - Dog Training Orlando FL - The Calm K9
About Meredith Craig - Dog Training Orlando FL - The Calm K9

Curtis and Meredith have trained thousands of dogs from all over the USA… as well as dogs from Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, and even Afghanistan!

With over 20 years dog training experience there is no dog we can’t help. No matter how bad or out of control you think your situation is, please CONTACT US – we can help!

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Aggressive Dog Training - Orlando FL

Dog aggression is one of the most complex behaviors with genetic, environmental, and human influences. While the owners may be tempted to surrender their dog to a rescue or another family, they should know that aggressive dog rehabilitation is possible. At The Calm K9, we work with dogs that other trainers had deemed untrainable or aggressive. No matter the breed or the spectrum of unwanted behaviors of your dog, we are here to help!

People often label dog behaviors as aggressive while in reality they are related to hyperactivity. Barking, lunging, pulling on leash, pacing, panting, and difficulty calming down or responding to owner’s commands are all various representations of a reactive dog’s emotional state. If left unaddressed, these may develop more problematic behaviors and real aggression.

At the core of dog hyperactivity is anxiety and uncertainty about how to react to a potential threat. We know how to address this issue. By guiding your dog towards the right response, we will train them how not to overreact to the stimuli. In our house the dogs are being trained all day long through structured exercise, supervised play, and calming exercises.

Aggressive Dog Training

Board & Train at The Calm K9

Board and Train is a style of dog training that allows your dog to be fully immersed into a new environment. For a board and train, your dog comes to live with us and our pack in the Orlando Florida area. While this may seem like a big change for your dog, that’s precisely the point. Having done thousands of board and trains over the years, we continue to see how beneficial it is for dogs to leave home for a while to live with a pack of dogs and have daily training.

Board & Train Dog Training

A Day at The Calm K9 Board & Train

Your dog will sleep inside our home in one of climate controlled kennel rooms. Our goal while your dog is here is for them to stay in a nice relaxed environment. First thing in the morning, all dogs go out for their morning potty break and then come back in for their breakfast. We let them rest for about an hour and then we get started with their training. Dogs go through several hours of hands-on training, alternating between active commands, duration work, socialization with our balanced pack (client’s dogs will not be in danger of interacting with dangerous dogs), and specific behavior modification. They will also receive plenty of rest, down time, and personal one-on-one attention. Your dog will enjoy two 15 minute play periods where they will get to play in our fenced in yard. You dog’s safety is our number one priority.