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Board & Train

A board and train is a style of dog training that allows your dog to be fully immersed into a new environment. In a board and train, your dog would come to live with us and our pack in the Orlando Florida area. While this may seem like a big change for your dog, that’s precisely the point. Having done thousands of board and trains over the years, we continue to see how beneficial it is for dogs to leave home for a while to live with a pack of dogs and have daily training.

Why should you chose a board and train? Our programs are organized by goals and end results. We know that every dog is different and each dog is unique. We want to take each dog through the training process in the way that they learn best, which may require different approaches and different amounts of time for each dog. This achieves better results and a happy, confident dog!

Foundational Board & Train

$1,250 - $2,350
This is our most popular program! This program is set up to give your dog all the foundational training that they need to become a well balanced dog. If you want a dog you can take anywhere with you with reliable obedience, then this is the program for you. Dogs learn important life skills such as an off switch and impulse control, as well as all of their obedience on and off leash. Socialization with a verity of other animals and public outings are included in this program. Minor behavior problems such as reactivity to humans or dogs, shyness, and some resource guarding are eligible for this program. The average length of our Foundational program is 2-4 weeks. Includes prong collar or slip lead; - our Lifetime Support Guarantee; and access to our client amenities.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Board & Train

$2,900 - $4,450

This program is geared for the dog's that suffer from severe aggression, anxiety and nervousness. Depending on the severity of your dog's behavioral problems determines the length of the program. Our programs for these issues range from 5 weeks to 8 weeks. When dog's have severe issues we do not rush the learning process. This program includes a prong collar or a slip lead; our Lifetime Support Guarantee; and access to our client amenities.

Puppy Training Board & Train

$1250 - $2,350

This program is for dog's that are 6 months old or younger. Puppy Training provides a strong and advanced foundation geared for your puppies needs. Our goal is to set them up with the foundational manners, and skills to grow up and become a well balanced happy dog. Puppies require a lot of socialization to gain the skills they need in life. We have a well balanced pack of dog's in all sizes and varieties of temperament along with two cats. We will also take your puppy on outings out in public to help gain the confidence and basic foundation with environmental influences. Basic obedience commands with duration and distractions, heeling on a leash, crate/house training, and manners are also a part of our puppy program. The length of this program is 2 to 4 weeks. Includes prong collar, or slip lead, our Lifetime Support Guarantee; and access to our client amenities.