Orlando Puppy Training

Send your puppy away to get trained! We offer the convenience of performing the most difficult puppy training tasks for you. We take any puppy older than 12 weeks with the current vet-recommended age appropriate vaccines. With our Board and Train obedience training program, your puppy will be on a fast track to becoming a well-mannered dog. During their stay at our home, we will work on the following:

• Puppy Potty Training
• Crate Training
• Basic Puppy Obedience
• Trust Building
• Leash Walking
• Appropriate Greeting Behavior
• Puppy Socialization

At the end of the puppy training program we will provide you with easy instructions on how to continue training your puppy, meet their exercise needs, control their energy levels, and enjoy puppy cuteness while it lasts. If you live near Orlando, FL, or anywhere else in Central Florida, call us today!

Prevention is the key in puppy training

Scientific studies have found that dogs belonging to first-time dog owners were more likely to display signs of aggression than those of more experienced owners. First-time owners don’t know how to prevent the development of some unwanted puppy behaviors, such as biting, growling, excessive digging, and pulling on the leash. With over 20 years of puppy-raising experience, we can “read” puppy emotions and react to them appropriately.

How to potty train a puppy?

This is one of the most common questions many dog owners ask when having troubles with puppy housebreaking. Our answer – choose our Board and Train program and delegate this task to an experienced dog trainer. We will introduce your puppy to a crate, every dog owner’s life-saver. Since puppies don’t normally soil where they sleep, the crate makes puppy potty training much easier.

Puppy crate training

It takes a lot of patience to crate train the puppy. They may whine or bark during the training. Many owners think that it is cruel to keep them in the crate. In reality, for the crate becomes their safe location where they feel secure. Once we crate-train your puppy, you will feel better about leaving them home alone. You won’t need to worry about chewed shoes or soiled carpets. This useful tool also makes traveling with a dog much more convenient.

Puppy obedience training

We will work with your puppy on some basic K9 manners. They will work on “Sit,” “Place,” “Down,” “Come,” “Drop it,” “Stay,” “Wait,” and other obedience commands. They will receive their first lessons on how to greet visitors without jumping and yelping and how to calm down after an energetic play.

Puppy socialization

The first months of puppy’s life are very important. Both positive and negative experiences influence his future personality and behaviors. A traumatic interaction with an unfriendly canine can make your puppy scared of unknown dogs and even make him anxious. During our in-home puppy training, your dog will be carefully introduced to our own friendly and obedient dogs. He or she will be properly socialized and will learn how to trust other animals. There is a whole dog training methodology based on dog’s mirror learning. While being around older well-trained animals, your puppy will start copying their good behaviors. During a supervised play, the puppy will learn that playing rough is not appropriate and that mouthing/nipping is not OK.

Building trust between you and your puppy

Instead of constantly showering your pup with affection, you need to establish certain boundaries and demonstrate leadership. We don’t believe in bullying or dominating the dog because they may become submissive. We believe in establishing trustful and respectful relationships between you and your puppy. It takes time and consistency. Every time when you approve your puppy for making a right choice, you build trust. We will help you create a solid foundation for long-lasting and enjoyable relationships between you and your dog.