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Aggressive Dog Training - OrlandoDog aggression is one of the most complex behaviors with genetic, environmental, and human influences.

At The Calm K9, aggressive dog rehabilitation is possible!

We work with dogs that other trainers consider untrainable. No matter the breed or the type and severity of unwanted behaviors of your dog, we are here to help!

If your dog is leash reactive, dog or human aggressive, or struggles with more than a couple of small behavior issues, you and your dog will achieve the most success through a board & train for aggressive dogs.

Dog aggression, or hyperactivity?

People often label dog behaviors as aggressive when actually they are related to hyperactivity. The condition is defined as “constantly active and sometimes disruptive behavior”. Barking, lunging, pulling on leash, pacing, panting, and difficulty calming down or responding to owner’s commands are all various representations of a reactive dog’s emotional state. If left unaddressed, these may develop more problematic behaviors and real aggression.

At the core of dog hyperactivity is anxiety and uncertainty about how to react to a potential threat. We know how to address this issue. By guiding your dog towards the right response, we will train them how not to overreact to stimuli. In our board & train program, dogs are being trained all day long through structured exercise, supervised play, and calming exercises.

If you have been told you have an aggressive dog, you have found the right dog trainer to evaluate your dog and work through their issues. Most dog on dog aggression, aggression towards people, resource guarding, food protection, etc., are just bad behaviors that have been mislabeled as aggression.

Our experience training aggressive dogs

With our training and expertise, it is highly unlikely that you will have to surrender, put down, or re-home your dog.

Most of the aggressive dogs we work with are actually under-socialized; they have not been given clear boundaries, good structure or consistent consequences. They don’t know how to react in the real world and end up making bad choices like growling, lunging and biting.Curtis Craig, Expert Aggressive Dog Trainer - Orlando FL

Whether they are dog aggressive or human aggressive, we will work with them. With our own pack of nearly 30 dogs, no dog is too aggressive for us to work with!

Curtis Craig is a world-renowned dog behavior expert, and he has successfully worked with the highest level of dog aggression, and he has helped educate other trainers to do the same.

How we train aggressive dogs

No matter who has told you your dog is aggressive, it still is most likely just bad behavior. How do I know? I train aggressive and reactive dogs with our personal pack of dogs on a daily basis and this is what I have experienced with them.

As mentioned earlier, most of the aggressive dogs we work with are actually under-socialized. Without clear boundaries, good structure, and consistent consequences, dogs don’t know how to react in the real world.

Our training program is proactive; we lay out clear rules and a structure for your dog. Board & train dog training and immersion with our personal pack is particularly effective in balancing a dog and making a huge difference in your dog in a very short time. Your dog will develop better coping skills and will learn to make better behavioral choices.

It has often taken many months or years to develop the bad dog behaviors that have you seeking training help, there will not be a quick or easy fix for unpacking deeply rooted issues and patterns.

Board & train takes your dog out of their routine, familiar and habitual processes and hits the "reset" button. Time and consistency, along with the right tools and guidance, are the keys to achieving big time change in a shorter period of time.

Our aggressive dog training is not a special training service, it is woven into all our training programs.

Questions about Dog Aggression?

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