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Having a well-trained and happy dog can be one of life's most rewarding experiences, but knowing how and where to begin can be an intimidating prospect. You want the best for your dog, and you want to make sure you approach their training (and yours) in the most humane and effective way possible. Prong collars and e-collars (remote training collars), can provide exactly what you’re looking for, and at The Calm K9 we have been teaching these methods to dogs and their owners since their inception.

How Prong Collars and e-Collars Work

While many people are familiar with the idea of a bark prevention collar that uses a harmless jolt of electricity to prevent unwanted behavior, prong and remote collars work differently. Through the use of pressure, not pain, we teach your dog to comply with commands quickly and happily.

When you make a request of your dog, such as dropping something or coming back to you, the prong collar or e-collar can be used to simultaneously apply a bit of pressure. Once your pup has successfully dropped the item or come running back to you, the pressure can be released. This gives your dog an immediate positive reinforcement without any pain beforehand.

Training Dogs and Owners to use Prong Collars and e-Collars

At The Calm K9, we have been teaching both dogs and their owners the best training methods for over thirty years. This is important because only with consistency and clarity from you will your dog fully develop the critical skills needed to survive in today’s world.

Through our specialized prong and e-collar training programs, you will learn the communication methods your dog can easily understand, which will result in fast, astoundingly clear progress.

The collars provide an easy pressure on, pressure off communication that will promote immediate compliance. This will not only foster a better relationship between you and your dog, it could even save their life. For example, if your dog sees another dog on the other side of a busy street and tries to run to them, you will be able to call them back to you with confidence that they will stop and turn around before it’s too late.

The Calm K9 Provides Prong and E-Collar Training

At The Calm K9, we have been training dogs and their owners in the latest and most effective training methods for over thirty years. Our facility houses a family of well-trained dogs that help your dog grow, develop, and become their best self.

We aren’t just dog trainers, we’re dog owners who know exactly what it’s like to love and care for a new dog. Give us a call at 321-442-1609 today to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff about how to best introduce your dog to the many benefits of prong and e-collar training!

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