obedient dog

All about Max

Here is one of our personal dogs Max. He is our only dog that is a non working guy. There is a huge misperception in our industry that our own personal dogs are perfect. Here is proof that they aren’t always that way.

Max came from a shelter and was highly, highly dog aggressive. He is probably the worst case that we have ever seen. As you can see for the most part he is good with dogs, some still make him uneasy. We have to advocate for him and the other dog. The biggest thing that I think that people have a hard time understanding that we have yet to find the perfect dog. However when you start to understand that there are limits to a dog then the perfect dog will appear.

Let’s put into a human scenario. You have company come over that have kids. You love kids, however your spouse likes them but has limits. Not too long after getting there the kids start running and yelling, looking in your cabinets and getting very vocal about wanting to watch SpongeBob.

You can already see your spouse getting uneasy. The antsy pants start getting him/her. Your cool with it because they are just being kids. Then they start climbing on your spouse and looking in he ear. You can see that desperate look of help me. Knowing that there isn’t any true malice you go on with your conversation. Soon the kids start tugging on his/her ear…. and singing while doing so. You see the look again and then seconds later you see a sudden reaction from your spouse.

His/ her explanation shortly after was that he asked for help several times… the looks the antsy pants… and the knowing that this is uncomfortable. Why wouldn’t I stop it… you weren’t going too. Now lets put the dog in same situation. It could be with kids, dogs, cats, or strangers… if you don’t stop what is making them so uncomfortable they will.