He Just wants to Say Hi. Dog Training Orlando

What does “He Just Wants to Say Hi,” mean to you??

When I hear, “can my dog say hi?” I have to be honest that two things run through my mind. 1- I can’t believe they asked 2-how am I going to protect my dog

Nothing ruins a walk with my dog more than another owner who lets their dog march right up to my dog.
Why?? Most might be thinking. My dog is super friendly!!! HE JUST WANTS TO SAY HI!!!

Here’s the thing–there are many people that will be happy to let your dog say hi. However some people aren’t one of them.

How would you feel if you took your little girl to the park for nice picnic and a little playtime. It’s a nice spring day, blue skies, birds singing. You get out of the car and instantaneously a woman comes running up ” can I say hi” as she flops to knees in front of your daughter. Before you can respond this stranger has your little girl wrapped in her arms rocking her.

Then you finally get her back after a lot of awkward polite talk, and lots of help me mommy looks. You find the perfect spot to lay everything out for your picnic. As you start laying everything out.. Another woman runs up in a high squeaky voice and starts mom stroking your daughters head. “Such a pretty girl, reminds me of mine”

What does your daughter think of you allowing strangers to molest her? Does she feel you will protect her? Does she feel you are someone that she can trust? Probably not. But it’s okay right I mean how can you say no to people who ask.. Or how can you be rude. It’s more important not to be perceived as rude, versus protecting your daughter?

The same thing is true for your dog. If you won’t allow people to do this to your children then why allow them to do it to your dog. Why allow them to be afraid of people or dogs? Why teach them that you won’t protect them so they have to protect themselves?

Help Me Train and protect my dog by letting us enjoy our walk.

This example was dramatized to help others.