We LOVE the facility…

Wrigley, a cute lab and hound mix, came to The Calm K9 to work on some issues with his dog aggression and human reactivity. Once he arrived at our facility we quickly realized that he need more than the typical dog obedience training, he needed some pretty intense dog rehabilitation to help with his nervousness. He stayed with us for one of our longer programs where we were able to gain his trust and build a relationship with him. Our positive relationship allowed us to unlock his brain from the fear and anxiety that he had been living in. We are happy to report that after completing our program he is living a happy, well balanced life with his parents.


We are the parents of Wrigley, the nervous guy in some of the videos. He still has his moments, but we are so much better equipped to deal with his moods at home and when we’re out on walks. He knows we are the leaders and that we’ve got things taken care of no matter what. We’ve even gotten our little guy, Jack, with the program. We LOVE the facility and are so glad Wrigley was able to spend time with Curtis and Meredith.

Cheryl Ullrich