He had tons of knowledge and talent,

sean-oshea-dog-trainerI met Curtis Craig while I was conducting a seminar workshop at the Daviess County Animal Shelter with my fellow training partner Jeff Gellman. It didn’t take long for me to notice Curtis, who was working with a few shelter dogs as well.

I immediately saw great stuff from Curtis. He had amazing presence and timing, a deep understanding of K9 behavior and problem solving skills, a complete lack of fear (he was working with an aggressive pit mix that only went after male humans…and had bitten Curtis in the process, and Curtis was absolutely unfazed by the event and calmly continued working with the dog), and above all else, Curtis was a kind, gentle and warm soul. Completely ego-less, even though he had tons of knowledge and talent, he asked loads of smart insightful questions which showed his depth of character ever more clearly.

Curtis and I stayed in touch, and he ended up joining me for 4 days in Los Angeles to attend mine and Jeff Gellman’s advanced dog training workshop. While in L.A., Curtis spent time with me at my training facility, where we worked dogs and shared ideas, further cementing my trust in his abilities and knowledge.

Lots of us dog trainers work and study extremely hard to develop the skills necessary to work with dogs at the highest level. Curtis has also worked and studied hard, but he possesses something more rare than academic knowledge, or even hard won experience, Curtis is one of those lucky few who also possess that magic component known as “a natural gift”. When I’m asked for a trainer recommendation, whether it is for traditional obedience training or severe behavioral issues such as dog-dog or dog-human aggression in the Tennessee/Kentucky area, I only recommend one person, and that’s Curtis. If you live in this area, you are one lucky dog owner, because not every area has a Curtis Craig.

-Sean O’shea

Owner/Trainer of The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation