Thank you so much for bring peace into our home

We took in a stray back in March of 2014. She is a sweet dog and got on well with our other two dogs. She only had one flaw she couldn’t be left alone in the house she suffered from severe separation anxiety. We have friends in Tennessee that run Tennessee Death Row Dogs a non profit that takes dog about to be euthanized and gets them adopted. They send dogs to Curtis and Meredith all the time. So I started following their Facebook page to see what they were all about. I was impressed by the reviews I found and what my friends told me about the dogs that they sent there. So I started planning how I was going to get Sacha there as I live in Texas. Curtis then donated two 3 week training sessions to TDRD for them to auction off to help the vet bill for one of the rescued dogs. I bid and won one of the sessions. I planned my vacation to visit my friends in Tennessee and to drop Sacha off at The Calm K9.

It was the best decision I ever made. Someone asked me why I would spend the time and money to send the dog to a trainer. My reply was I send my horses to trainers why wouldn’t I send my dog! I am not a horse or dog trainer! Drop off day arrived, I was nervous as I hadn’t had her that long and would she think I was abandoning her. I didn’t have to worry I had my first two videos 20 minutes after I left showing her on the treadmill and in place. I was amazed! Pick up day arrived three long weeks later. One would think after only having her a little while that I wouldn’t have missed her as much as I did! But I was glad the day was here. I was anxious and excited about picking her up. My friend Judy realized that it would probably be that way so she called to remind me to be calm when I got there so I would retain what Curtis showed me. He showed us everything. He was great when she came out she was a happy calm contented dog. She did great with everything I was extremely pleased but even better was him giving us the tools to continue with her training at home. Everyone should realize that just because you send your animal to a trainer that they still need to have that training reinforced every day.

As I am writing this Sacha is doing her place time in my office with me. She is doing awesome. But even better is we have used the tools and techniques on our Australian Shepard Dusty. Dinner time used to be high anxiety time with all of us shooing him away from the table while we were trying to eat. If that didn’t work we put him in his room which then resulted in him barking the whole time we were eating. I started him with place a week after I got home with Sacha. The change at dinner time is amazing it is quiet and peaceful! I put the two of the in place just before starting dinner and it is quiet the whole time. I would highly recommend Curtis and Meredith they do a great job with the dogs and their humans. But remember they get you started you still have to do your part when you get them home. Trust me when I tell you it is so worth it. They will always get my dogs and if I lived closer that would be where I board my dogs. Thank you so much for bring peace into our home it isn’t perfect but it is getting there!

-Cathy Hayes