He has offered Buddy a new look on life!

The Calm K9 was doing a free event at a local animal shelter where we met Debbie and her foster dog, a pit bull, named Buddy. These two have been working together to overcome his aggression and had made great progress. However, they were having trouble getting to a place where they felt safe taking Buddy out in public. Here is what Debbie had to say about the work we did with Buddy the rescue dog.

My name is Debbie and I foster for my local animal shelter. I usually take the more “difficult” dogs to place due to behavioral issues. 5 months ago I met my match in Buddy. EVERY method of training I was use to he rebelled against. He was aggressive with men, dogs, cats. He challenged me on everything. He bullied anyone and anything that was in his “line of fire”. I was exasperated to the point of not knowing if I could EVER get Buddy turned around so he could go to adoption events.

Curtis Craig came to the shelter in Daviess County, KY and offered his help with ANY training issues in our community. All he asked was a donation to our shelter. He listened to where Buddy and I was at in our training and offered me guidance on how to break US of our slump. He gave ME the confidence to build Buddy up. I am proud to say that Buddy just made his first adoption debut and feel that without the guidance of Curtis Craig Buddy would still be listed as unadoptable. I would recommend Curtis to anyone that is having issues with their pets. He has a true gift with challenging dogs. He genuinely cares for the people and dogs that he works with. I can honestly say, he has offered Buddy a new look on life! THANK YOU CURTIS CRAIG!!!!

-Debbie Austin

Owensboro, Ky