It makes the dog a happy and balanced dog AND makes the human a VERY happy camper!

I cannot say enough about Calm K9 and Curtis Craig, the trainer…. My dogs are my world so I’m very picky about who handles them. I came to him with one dog who had some aggression issues, but my other two dogs simply had normal puppy-like manners and just needed some fine-tuning. I was impressed from the first minute Curtis walked in. The dogs listened immediately, and we learned SO much that first meeting that in past years had taken weeks and weeks. Curtis takes charge but yet he has such compassion and a love for animals. It shows in everything he does. I let one of my dogs go to his “board and train” for 2 weeks which was SO hard for me to do. I am so protective of my “babies”. He sent me videos and constant updates. The improvement started the first moment my dog got there. By the end of the first day, my dog was no longer chasing cats. She also had food/toy/bone aggression which are very hard issues to eliminate. I read over and over on the internet how serious it was, yet when I got her back, she was totally different. Curtis Craig showed me exactly what he did and it wasn’t anything drastic.

Curtis has a natural talent for knowing how to work with animals individually. His own pack was also helping to teach my dog how to act. It was pure magic…After this, Curtis follows up and shows the owner how to take over. I also had regular in-home training with the other two dogs and it was amazing to see how fast the progress came about. In the past, I have spent a huge amount of money on “lessons” that took weeks and weeks and didn’t get a fraction out of it as I did in just two sessions with Curtis Craig. You get SO much for your money. I cannot say enough about this trainer and wish that EVERY dog owner could get this training. It makes the dog a happy and balanced dog AND makes the human a VERY happy camper! And for me to trust ANYONE to take one of my animals to their site for 2 weeks is monumental, and I would trust Curtis Craig with their lives with no hesitation.Our first night home with Angus was wonderful! It is amazing how after just 2 weeks with you, the dynamic of our home has flipped. Our older dogs and kids were not afraid of him, they actually enjoyed Angus’ company. Thanks so much!

-Leigh Robbins