It was the BEST decision I ever made!!!

It has been a year now since Steeler went to The Calm K9 and had the privilege of learning from the fantastic Curtis Craig and his family. It was a decision I wrestled with….. The eCollar, prong collar, why was I failing… It was the BEST decision I ever made!!! Thank you doc Alicia Jones Wagoner for pointing me in his direction!! And thank you Curtis for still being there for us and for all you do for so many dogs!!! We still have work to do. But now everything is just one more thing to surpass!! And its fun and satisfying! I never thought I’d see the day I received so many compliments on how well mannered my Lil man is!!! And the freedom he now has for his good decisions! He still maintains some independence! And he still has his charisma and terriertude!! Calm n content canine in this house!!! And a much calmer leader!! I have learned patience!! Love you Lil man! You changed my life!! The next chapter awaits and I’m super stoked!!!

-Anita J. Wright

Owner/Trainer of The Zensational Dog
Trenton Ky