He’s literally a different dog…

Early one morning we received a call from a family that was desperate to get their aggressive dog in for dog training. They were at a loss on how to help their pit bull mix Max. After a conversation we quickly knew that this guy needed more than just obedience training, he needed one of our dog rehabilitation programs. Here are their thoughts on their experience and their success with their Maximus.


I’m Maximus Kneller’s mom and couldn’t be more pleased with the rules and boundaries Curtis and Meredith taught him in just 3 short weeks. He’s literally a different dog. He is calmly lounging around the house instead of jumping from couch to couch. The “place” command is GENIUS! He loves his bath mat from the dollar store, who knew?! No more fence fighting, thanks to the e-collar training. It’s now a joy to walk both of my pittie boys around the neighborhood because they are calm submissive and happy to follow my lead! I would recommend these guys to anyone with any kind of an unruly dog. Very professional and caring. Thank you for making our boy so sweet and calm and for training us how to love and handle him the properly to keep him that way! May the Lord continue to bless your business!

Jaree Kneller

Lake Mary, Florida