They were so good we decided to take an extra loop around the block….

Carol came to us with a troubled German Shepherd. The walk was a huge stress for Carol and her dog Nakita. Before working with us she was not able to walk her dog’s together. In just one session we were able to help her pup with her reactivity on the walk.

Last night the hubby and I walked all 3 dogs together as we have done every week for the last few months. He only gets to go on Sunday’s and/or Monday’s with me so I am usually walking them by myself 1 dog at a time during the week…sometimes 2 at once depending on how I feel that night. I AM STOKED! They were almost angelic on the walk. They were so good we decided to take an extra loop around the block. There were tons of distractions (lots of cars, lights, truck beeping while backin up, squirrels, dogs, bunnies) that caused great stress to my husband but the dogs were unphased! I am so proud of Nakita, Lulu and Leo my precious pups. They are finally realizing I AM THE ALPHA and letting me be the leader of the pack. Thanks Curtis Craig for your help in realizing I needed to establish this with them. I can’t wait to order my new prong collars and then it will be even more enjoyable on our walks. WOO HOO!

-Carol Blomquist Bordes