K9 Training Orlando

Dogs that are nervous become happy….

Curtis and Meredith are the most professional, and knowledgeable trainers in the area. They go above and beyond to insure dogs from ALL over the country get the training, and help they so need. They have taken in dogs from shelters from KY and TN for training, and these dogs then go on to get adopted due to the training they receive from them! Curtis has an amazing ability to work with, and help even the most aggressive dogs.

I’ve personally witnessed his training on more than one occasion. Dogs that are nervous become happy, and well balanced, dogs who couldn’t even be in a room close to other dogs or people, calmly and happily becoming family members, and pack members. Curtis’s dogs are ALWAYS well cared for, fed a well balanced diet, exercised regularly, and their home and facility are always clean, and well maintained. I have and always will HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who TRULY needs help with their dogs.

-Sarah Morrow
Gleason TN