The training is so easy that after you follow up you can enjoy your time with the dogs…

I have been going to the Calm K9 for a couple of years and have received nothing but the best for my two dogs.

A little over two years ago I started looking into trainers to help my two dogs that were fighting. I called the number listed for the business  and spoke with Curtis. He spent over 2 hours on the phone explaining the training. Not only did he explain the training but he also explained the dynamics of dogs and how they think. He easily put things into scenarios that I could understand and that made sense to me. We didn’t book a date with him at that time because I wanted to do some more research and calls.

I called Curtis back a couple days later when my wife was available so that we could both ask questions. He again spent over an hour with us explaining that we need to have realistic expectations of dogs with aggression and a fight history.  He was very open about how every dog is not a “dog park” dog, and that at the end of training the dogs will be able to coexist but will most likely be running through a field of flowers holding paws.  He went on to explain the socialization process that he uses with his balanced pack and how in the end of the training he would go over every step of the training and how to maintain it. Curtis was very patient but very clear that the only way that this will be successful is if everyone in the house was on board and able to continue the training once the dogs returned home. The day came that we dropped our dogs off. We were nervous to leave our dogs but soon were put to ease. Within 20 minutes of leaving we were sent 2 videos of our dogs. 1 of them walking calmly together (something we have never been able to accomplish) and 2 both of them in place in a room full of dogs.

Over the next 3 weeks we were sent a video and or a picture every other day of our pups as well as a progress report. Anytime that we had any questions Curtis was quick to reply.  Our nervous dogs were becoming happy playful dogs . It was amazing to watch their transformation. On the day that we went and picked them up Curtis explained that when they first come out that they would be excited to see us but as we move on through the training you will see the magic.  He didn’t lie… We were so happy to see our boys healthy and happy.

We started the session and witnessed our dogs become calm and actually listened to what we had to say. Both my wife and I were able to handle and lead both dogs at the same time. We went through everything and then sat and talked about our questions and concerns. Curtis not only explained things but went through different scenarios and replayed them with us until we were comfortable with everything. Our pickup session was only suppose to last 2 hours but hours went well into 4. Amazing …. Curtis assured us that he would always be there for us weather it is in a week or 2 yrs.

The next day we started our new lives.  The training is so easy that after you follow up and are consistent you can enjoy your time with the dogs you have always. wanted.  Curtis was right though the ball was on our court to keep up this lifestyle. We have taken both of our dogs back to The Calm K9 several times for boarding. Every time we pick up our dogs they are happy and healthy.

-Luke Jones
Clarksville, Tn.