They couldn’t believe he was the same dog…

The Calm K9 has has made the quality of everyday life better for us as a family (dogs are family). The teachings and training of Curtis and Meredith are priceless. They will love your dog and teach you everything you need to REALLY love your dog! Thank you for saying, I made your week but y’all have made a lifetime of happiness, calm, peace and love.

Hi Curtis & Meredith!! Our Vet and the techs were so amazed this morning with Joey!! They couldn’t believe he was the same dog! On his record he has warnings: Dog aggressive, Extremely protective etc. Joey was so well behaved and calm the Vet asked what we did. We gave him your name and website. He said his GSD is not as well behaved as Joey. He looked you up on the spot! Also during the visit a owner surrender intact GSD came in and the tech stopped in the door way to show the Vet. Joey let out a short deep grunt but continued to just lay there and ignore the GSD. That really impressed the Vet! The Vet remembered having to stitch up Joeys head from going crazy due to a dog in reception. Thank you for changing the quality our lives with education and training!.

-Michelle Nakamura Cook
Hopkinsville, Ky