Times With Little Hope

dog in training


We are often faced with times that make us feel as thought there is little hope. This is true in life as much as it is in dog training.

There are times when you have had a long day, you get home and your dog has destroyed something or is just acting extra bratty. This is when you feel as though there is little hope to having that relationship that you want with your dog, and can lead to lots of frustration.

Don’t give up.. It takes work, consistency and patience, but the payoff is short of magical. Dog training is more of a lifestyle more so than it is a series of commands.

We see it time and time again where people think that you have to go out and run through commands in order for the dog to be “trained”.

This is why we love what we do. We are helping dogs and people pursue their best self, as a team. There are not many things in life better than this!

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