The Game of Chase

The Frustration

A lot of dog owners are dealing with some very frustrating, and serious issues with their dogs.
One of these issues is aggression towards cat’s, small dog/ animal’s and sometimes small children.

When a dog sees a cat (etc) he/she will run after them barking, lunging and growling. Dog’s will look at the cat as if cat is on the menu for lunch. It is a difficult situation that will lead to a lot of frustration. Most people don’t know how to fix, or help their dog through this.

One key component that is really important to understand is that the intense reaction is often triggered by fast unpredictable, and excited movements. This is what usually triggers the fun of the chase.

The Game

How do we get a dog to play tug? First, teach a small game of chase by recreating a natural instinct in the dog by making the toy move differently. By jerking the toy around in often spastic moments the dog’s interest is soon sparked and this will more often than not create the chase to get the toy.

The same is often the same with “prey”! Kids, cats and other small animals generally create that game. By slowing down the smaller animals and creating a calmer environment your dog stays calmer. This allows you to start reteaching or creating a new habit in the dog not to chase the prey.

Prey drive is a strong natural part of who a dog is. It does not mean that your dog is aggressive. Your dog may simply need a more controlled, calmer surroundings to help them to understand that this instinct isn’t needed in the home.