We often set out to be a success.. after all this is what has been instilled in us since we were little. Although we all have different levels and ideas of what success is, it is still often our end goal.

Success can be as simple as learning someone’s name, or getting your dog to sit. Whatever we set out to do we feel as though we are either successful or non successful.. a winner or loser. What we often miss is that is isn’t about that triumph, it should be about what value did we add to the process.

Take teaching a dog how to sit. You can teach them how to sit pretty quickly.. or you can teach them how to, why, and when. It’s not just about the act of sitting, it’s about the relationship that you build.

You have the opportunity to teach the significance of the act.. to help them truly understand the purpose behind it. It isn’t about being a dictator or exerting power, it’s about adding value to what you are doing.

Sit is a just an example. When you focus more on adding value rather than checking off that it was a success, you will find that success will start to find you.