Opening the Mind

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The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals and dreams is you and the limits you set upon yourself. When you feel as though you have reached those limits is often when frustration builds. This causes resistance and conflict and the things that you want seem harder to achieve.

Your mind acts like as an atlas. It knows the where you have been, what roads you have explored and what rivers you dared not to cross.

When you push past the limitations or restraints you set upon yourself, you enter new territory. You’re doing things you are unfamiliar with, uncertain of so it’s brand new.

When going into uncharted territory you tend to lose your bearings, and feel lost. This can cause and uneasiness and a certain level of being uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, most people can’t work past this feeling, or don’t know how to, and give up. By turning back around to re enter your comfort zone, you are giving up on on your dreams and cheating yourself of becoming a better you. Work through the barriers that are before. Shen you are able to blow the roadblocks up, Whether they are physical or mental, and magic happens … Your dreams become reality.

The truth is that limitations are an illusion, an effect that isn’t necessarily real. They appear to be but disappear when you exam and challenge them. What once seemed so real is nothing more than a mirage!

We all have our own mirages.. Whether it be in dog training or in life. The key is the power and the limit that we set on ourselves. Only you can unlock it.

Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.