Lack Of Leadership

Lack of leadership results in …

Our goal by doing all these training exercises is to have the dog prioritizing what we ask of them so they look to us for guidance whenever they feel uncomfortable overwhelmed or unsure. Often when dog”s display behavior’s that are unacceptable it is because they are taking the leadership role.

You can’t begin to truly change your dog’s state of mind without this foundation: you first need to make sure your dog looks to you for guidance, trusting your guidance, and prioritizing it over any impulses they may have. This is what takes the stress off of dogs. When dog’s feel that they have to be in charge it becomes a conflict, put’s them on edge, nervous, etc. Once you have this relationship, most of the time, the problem behaviors disappear on their own without needing to be directly addressed. So my point of this little ramble is that these small exercises are not “tricks” for show, they play a huge part in dogs’ overall state of mind and the way they view the world around them.