It’s You



It’s not me, It’s you

This thought process is something that is easy to get wrapped up in when you are not obtaining the results that you are looking for. Making excuses, trying to justify, and overlook the reasons why you are not able to get to your desired goal is easier than reflecting on the role that you play in the relationship.

Having a picture in your head of what you wanting is the easy part, getting there is the grueling part. When it comes to your relationship with your dog it is very common to put blame upon your pup for the lack of results. Often times it is a combination of both dog and human, there are times when it is the dog… however there are occasions when it is us as humans that are not succeeding.

So when you are getting frustrated and feel like you aren’t able to get where you are wanting to go with your dog.. take a break. Reflect on and ask yourself is your dog saying, it’s not me it’s you. If so how can you fix it?