It’s A Big Deal


When you have a dog that bites humans it’s a big deal! When you have dogs that bites human members of their own family you have a serious problem!!!

These types of issues are usually relationship based. So what do we do with them? Do we hug and kiss them to convince them we are their friends? Do we dominate them to convince them that we are the “alpha”? Do we teach them a series of tricks so they they can go get their Canine Good Citizen? Do we teach them agility to build a good relationship and burn off extra energy? No…… We don’t do ANY of those things.

What we do is show (not trick) them into is trusting our leadership. Respect them and demand that they respect us in return. We give them rules and communicate to them clearly what they are. Then we enforce them fairly and consistantly. We fulfill their needs of structure and exercise. We guide and protect them.

In short we become their teacher. Their guardian. Their protector. We become their leader…… The word “leader” has gotten a bad rep in the world of dog training and in other places as well. Being a leader in not a bad thing…… Never be afraid to lead!!! Lead your coworkers! Lead your family! Lead your kids! Lead your dog……