dog training

Dog training can create an imbalance, are you the right dog trainer for your dog?

Would you like to know how people create imbalance/ instability in their dog? Would you like to know how this could be prevented?

After working with hundreds upon hundreds of dog’s and their owners there is one common thing that we see that is the root of where it all begins. This is the refusal to communicate to your dog in a way that they understand. They must be taught what is appropriate behavior and what is unacceptable. When we refuse to correct our dogs for bad behavior and only reward their good behavior this can create an imbalance in the dog. Yes, we all transmit tons of information to our dog’s, but they are often conveyed in a way that is confusing.

Every interaction we have with our dog needs to be thought as though you are teaching them something. You are teaching them that you are either a sometimesy leader or you are a consistent one. Sometimesy is when sometimes the things that effect your dog ( your mood, the rules, routines, boundries) only apply part of the time. Anything that we do with our dog has to be fair and consistent. When we aren’t, we send mixed signals they and don’t understand what is acceptable and non acceptable behavior.