An Unhappy Dog


Often we associate a dog that isn’t being hyper, running around, wagging his tail or constantly wanting to be with you as an unhappy dog.

However when a dog is in that state of mind behaviors ( nipping, jumping, grabbing the first thing he/she can as they run by, not listening) that are unwanted usually go hand in hand because they are more adrenalized. This creates cloudy thinking, or a mindset that doesn’t allow them to think as clearly.

It’s like you being at a concert or at a football game. The excitement and noise of the crowd, or music, gets you pumped. Your so excited and swept up with the atmosphere, so naturally your energy is different.

Your responses to people may be different.  Reactions to someone standing over you, bumping you, or cutting in line. This might be  different than if you were at church, at home reading a book, or enjoying family time. A calmer state doesn’t make you sad or unhappy.  You more than likely would be able to make better choices than you would at the game or concert.