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to the Calm K9 dog training site. No matter what kind of behavioral problems your pet may have we have the knowledge and experience to provide the appropriate solution. Our dog training programs will restore the balance and give you a lasting relationship with your K9 companion. Curtis is a world-renowned dog behavior expert with a unique perspective and amazing insight of the human dog relationship.

Nashville & Clarksville Dog Training

All dog training programs are not equal. So when it comes to hiring a dog trainer for your beloved pet make sure they have a good history and references.

We have dog trainers from all over the country fly here to learn more about our “unique board and train program” that has rehabilitated even the most nervous and aggressive dogs. Using a pack of over 20 dogs we bring the dogs back to a “natural state” removing stress and anxiety. Helping them learn how to relate to their human family’s in a much calmer more relaxed way.

The Calm K9 maintains the highest quality in dog training standards. We use the best practice with every dog to ensure the proper care and best results every time.

Like our children every dog is different so we approach every behavioral situation with great care and consideration.

Our training history speaks for itself but don’t take our word for it. Check out our testimonial page to hear what our customers are saying about us.


Aggressive K9 Behavior

Has your dog ever bitten a family member or shown signs of aggression? If so, then change is in order for your relationship with your dog. Many times, aggressive dog behavior is a result of lack of leadership. By design, the majority of dogs are not leaders. They are followers in need of a strong pack leader. Without a strong leader, many dogs will attempt to fulfill the role of pack leader themselves, causing them to behave aggressively. As a dog owner, this strong pack leader should be you and not your dog.

At The Calm K9, Curtis is a world-renowned dog behavior expert that specializes in Aggressive Dog Behavior. We can help resolve your dog’s aggression issues through a combination of socializing with our pack of over 20 dogs and proper training and lifestyle changes. We will not only train your dog to be a good follower, but help you to become a good pack leader for your dog. Providing this kind of structure for your dog alleviates the need for your dog to act aggressively.