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In our opinion, dogs learn best from other dogs that they observe. When introduced into a group of relaxed, well behaved, and working canines, they see that it is OK to trust a human or another dog. Not many dog trainers have a sizable pack of their own dogs working as “canine instructors”. We have a big group dogs of various breeds, sizes and temperaments. They will help your anxious or aggressive dog to relax and learn quite a few good manners.

While rehabilitating and training the dogs, we also work with the owners. At the end of our Board And Train program we present them with easy to follow instructions. This is why our dog training methodology provides visible, lifelong results.

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Dog aggression is one of the most complex behaviors with genetic, environmental, and human influences. While the owners may be tempted to surrender their dog to a rescue or another family, they should know that aggressive dog rehabilitation is possible. At The Calm K9, we work with animals that other trainers had deemed untrainable or aggressive. No matter the breed or the spectrum of unwanted behaviors of your dog, we are here to help!

We serve Central Florida, including Orange County, Silver Springs Shores, Lake County, Orlando & Kissimmee.

Reactive dog vs aggressive dog

People are often labeling dog behaviors as aggressive while in reality they are related to hyperactivity. The condition is defined as “constantly active and sometimes disruptive behavior”. Barking, lunging, pulling on leash, pacing, panting, and difficulty calming down or responding to owner’s commands are all various representations of reactive dog’s emotional state. If left unaddressed, these may develop more problematic behaviors and real aggression. At the core of dog hyperactivity is anxiety and uncertainty about how to react to a potential threat. We know how to address this issue. By guiding your dog towards the right response, we will train them how not to overreact to the stimuli. In our house the dogs are being trained all day long through structured exercise, supervised play, and calming exercises.

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Is it too late to train my dog?

Often times, owners come to us as a last resort after trying out other dog obedience training schools. We have even had cases where we rehabilitated animals recommended by a vet to be euthanized due to extreme levels of aggression. Without endangering ourselves or our K9 pack, we have introduced these dogs to a new life full of structure, rules, and human leadership. The transformation was remarkable. We have achieved these amazing results by providing the dog with what they were lacking – human guidance.
We have many wonderful success storied about our K9 students. The most memorable is a story about Charlie, a stray dog from the Dominican Republic. He used to live on a street, tied to a tree, abused and neglected. His future “mom” was there on a Peace Corps mission. She couldn’t pass by a suffering dog. After spending a lot of her savings, she was able to bring Charlie to the United States. But the reunion was far from being euphoric. Charlie has developed mistrust for humans and severe aggression.
When we first met Charlie, he was a growling aggressive monster. With lots of patience, training, and help from our dogs, we have taught the Charlie how to control his fears and anxieties and make appropriate behavioral choices.