Dog training and rehabilitation in Clarksville & Nashville TN.

Meet our head trainer Curtis!

Your dog is your best friend, and you only want the best for him or her. Meet Curtis! He's a world renowned dog trainer who is serving dog owners in the Clarksville / Nachville TN area. There is no dog he can’t help. No matter how bad or out of control you think your situation is... Curtis has your back!

Meet Curtis Craig.
Our Vet and the techs were so amazed this morning with Joey!! They couldn’t believe he was the same dog! On his record he has warnings: Dog aggressive, Extremely protective etc. Joey was so well behaved and calm the Vet asked what we did for training…

Having aggression problems with your dog?

We work with dogs everyday that other trainers had deemed UNTRAINABLE or AGGRESSIVE. Most dogs don’t know how to react in the real world and end up making bad choices like growling, lunging and biting. By being proactive with our training programs, I can lay out clear rules and a structure for the dog. Your dog will then have better coping skills and will make better choices then to growl, lunge or bite. Find out why we have such a high success rate with these type of dogs.

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