What works

Dogs always do what “works”. If barking at you gets them petted, they’ll do it. If pulling on the leash gets them further on the walk faster, they’ll do it. If growling at you when you sit in the couch gets you to move, they’ll do it. If barking and lunging at other dogs “makes the other dog go away” and releases anxiety, they’ll do it.

Be sure you’re not teaching your dog that the behavior you don’t want “works”.

We do more here then simply teaching commands. We focus more on the fundamental state of mind of the dogs. By doing this we are able to have dog aggressive dogs, nervous dog, and a under socialized dogs all hanging out calmly with each other. All while I move around the house going about my day.

If you will share freedom and affection as a reward for exceptional behavior/state of mind, and consistently provide the structure, rules, and guidance your dog really craves, you will create a dog that is not only a pleasure to be around, but even more importantly, you will create a dog that is truly happy and content in his world.

If you treat your dog like a king, don’t be surprised when he sets rules for his kingdom.

Remember, the walk is not about socialization, sniffing, marking, being distracted. The walk is about exercise, training, and relationship building – it’s one of your biggest opportunities to show your dog which role you’re both going to play.

That said, you can allow your dog time for all of the above items, but it’s up to you to ensure that they all occur in the way that makes your dog and your relationship more healthy and balanced, rather than less.

One of the biggest (and most common) mistakes dog owners make when attempting to  correct their dog’s behavior problems is, to only focus on that moment – the moment when the dog does something they really dislike, or something that is really serious. What they forget about is, the other 23 hours and 50 minutes of the day – all those other moments when they unintentionally were teaching their dogs that they need not listen to them – that their humans were in fact pack mates, not pack leaders.

What you say to your dog about who you are in his life, and what position you wish to play in his life, is determined by how you interact with your dog the majority of the time you spend together – not just when he bites the mailman or the neighbors dog, or when he growls at you when you get too close to his food or toys etc  – you can’t constantly spoil, baby, not enforce rules (or with some dogs, just be  mildly loosey goosey) and then, when the chips are down, expect your dog to listen or take you seriously. If your dog is exhibiting any behavior problems, you have to first create the proper relationship, ALL THE TIME(!)…then once things are good, you can turn down the thermostat a bit, ease up, and adjust if desired or necessary.

Remember, only pack leaders have the ability to change/influence unwanted behavior. Leadership is a 24/7 gig!dog training – dog trainer – Clarksville TN – Nashville TN – The Calm K9Teaching people how to give their dogs affection is often times a very challenging task. We teach the dogs here to be calm in order to get affection from us. Bella has a nasty habit of acting aggressive towards people so we are giving her lots of discipline, but it is important to balance it with a little affection as well.

Whether we are dealing with serious dogs like Ryan and Amigo that killed a member if their own pack. Or simply a high energy pup like Scout, lots of exercise is important. Lots of people believe that a big back yard is all that their dogs need. Dogs need structured exercise like walks and treadmill work that helps them focus rather then just non structured play.dog training – dog trainer – Clarksville TN – Nashville TN – The Calm K9A huge part of our training is teaching the dogs how to live and behave in the home. Before coming here Ryan and Amigo teamed up and killed a member of their own pack. When dealing with serious dogs these controlling their energy and the other dogs energy in the home is crucial. Many people struggle with dogs like this because they believe that they need to be trained but the other dogs in the home can be left to do as they please. The job of the “pack leader” is to make sure that EVERY dog is behaving themselves. If we allow the other dogs in the home to make them nervous or uncomfortable then we will loose the dogs respect and leave them no other choice then to “correct” the other misbehaving dog. One problem with this is that these dogs corrections ofter turn into full attacks that could end in serious injury or even death to the other dog. By simple controlling the energy in the home we can create a calm safe place for them.dog training – dog trainer – Clarksville TN – Nashville TN – The Calm K9Motion is easy. Stillness, especially on command, not so much. 🙂 One of the most valuable skills you can teach your dog (especially if there are behavior problems) is how to relax on command. Once your dog learns how to relax, be calm, and not exist in a highly stressed state, many behavior issues will disappear. Use our “place” command video below to make it happen!

If you pet a nervous, fearful, insecure dog, you get more nervousness, insecurity, and fear. If you pet a pushy, disrespectful, bratty dog, you get more pushiness, disrespect, and brattiness. If you pet a hyper, overly-excited, manic dog, you get more hyperactivity, excitement, and manic-ness.If you pet a calm, relaxed, respectful dog (and do it in a calm, relaxed fashion) you’ll create more of that too.Learn to become super aware of your dog’s true state of mind, and use your affection and interactions to cultivate the behavior you want – not what you don’t want!

Simply by calming your dogs mind you can remove many issues. Enabling your dog to relax and think more clearly. By working on the place command it helps a nervous dog build trust that the human will protect them and not have to protect themselves.