I met Curtis Craig while I was conducting a seminar workshop at the Daviess County Animal Shelter with my fellow training partner Jeff Gellman. It didn’t take long for me to notice Curtis, who was working with a few shelter dogs as well.

I immediately saw great stuff from Curtis. He had amazing presence and timing, a deep understanding of K9 behavior and problem solving skills, a complete lack of fear (he was working with an aggressive pit mix that only went after male humans…and had bitten Curtis in the process, and Curtis was absolutely unfazed by the event and calmly continued working with the dog), and above all else, Curtis was a kind, gentle and warm soul. Completely ego-less, even though he had tons of knowledge and talent, he asked loads of smart insightful questions which showed his depth of character ever more clearly.

Curtis and I stayed in touch, and he ended up joining me for 4 days in Los Angeles to attend mine and Jeff Gellman’s advanced dog training workshop. While in L.A., Curtis spent time with me at my training facility, where we worked dogs and shared ideas, further cementing my trust in his abilities and knowledge.

Lots of us dog trainers work and study extremely hard to develop the skills necessary to work with dogs at the highest level. Curtis has also worked and studied hard, but he possesses something more rare than academic knowledge, or even hard won experience, Curtis is one of those lucky few who also possess that magic component known as “a natural gift”. When I’m asked for a trainer recommendation, whether it is for traditional obedience training or severe behavioral issues such as dog-dog or dog-human aggression in the Tennessee/Kentucky area, I only recommend one person, and that’s Curtis. If you live in this area, you are one lucky dog owner, because not every area has a Curtis Craig.

-Sean O’shea

Owner/Trainer of The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation


We started using The Calm K9 two years ago when we had a dog in our rescue who was nervous around other dogs, resulting in aggressive behavior. Two weeks later, we picked her up and Curtis did a two hour pickup session with us, highlighting what she had learned and how to continue the techniques he used in his home. We walked around the neighborhood, worked on using the “place” command inside of the home, and the do’s and don’ts of working with not just our dog, but our other dogs too. It was a wonderful learning experience, because even though we work with hundreds of dogs, we didn’t often think of situations from the dog’s perspective. Our rescue dog “Pepper”, immediately went into foster care and they were able to watch his training videos online anytime they needed a refresher course. She is now a happy dog who has neighborhood play dates with other dogs in her neighborhood. The Calm K-9 is the only program we have found that offers an in-home training program. The dogs don’t live in kennels there together, doing their training outside and then returning to kennels. They live in his home, learning their new skills there in a more realistic environment, surrounded by his very well trained dogs. This technique, coupled with Curtis’ skills and abilities have made a tremendous difference in the dogs we have sent there for training. We have sent 7 dogs total through Curtis’ training and we have seen them gain the skills to become beloved family members. One former fighting dog was extremely aggressive towards other dogs to the point that we kept him at least 15 feet from them at all times. He had never been in a home until he went to training there and he now has his very own family, living in perfect harmony with another male dog. This was something we doubted was even possible. It was these positive experiences with our rescue dogs that prompted me to take one of my personal dogs to Curtis a couple of months ago. A once happy-go-lucky puppy, he later developed fear, anxiety and confidence issues when he reached adulthood. It was hard to watch him struggle after these changes, becoming nervous around people, as well as other dogs which sometimes resulted in aggression. When I picked him up, we discussed the causes of his lack of confidence and fear. At one point, my dog trotted into the other room and jumped on a tread mill. Apparently he enjoyed his tread mill time walks there, which helped him to work towards a calmer state of mind. Since returning, my dog and I have been in public many times, around both strangers and other dogs. He has done wonderfully in every situation. He is calm, confident and happy in situations that used to cause him severe stress. The key to success is following through with what is taught in the pickup session. Regardless of how effective his training methods are, the dogs will forget them over time once returning home if the owner’s don’t continue working with them. Dogs thrive on structure and having rules to follow which are set by their leaders. They need to feel confident their owner will make decisions so they do not have to worry. If there is no confidence in their leader, problem behaviors can and often do re-occur. Curtis has been absolutely wonderful at answering our follow up questions. He has a plethora of knowledge and real life experience which he is happy to use when we have questions, even after these dogs become adopted. All of us here at Tennessee Death Row Dogs are so thankful to have someone of his caliber who can help the dogs we take in with severe behavioral issues.

-Jamie Hawkins

President/Founder of Tennessee Death Row Dogs


I have been going to the Calm K9 for a couple of years and have received nothing but the best for my two dogs.
A little over two years ago I started looking into trainers to help my two dogs that were fighting. I called the number listed for the business  and spoke with Curtis. He spent over 2 hours on the phone explaining the training. Not only did he explain the training but he also explained the dynamics of dogs and how they think. He easily put things into scenarios that I could understand and that made sense to me. We didn’t book a date with him at that time because I wanted to do some more research and calls.

I called Curtis back a couple days later when my wife was available so that we could both ask questions. He again spent over an hour with us explaining that we need to have realistic expectations of dogs with aggression and a fight history.  He was very open about how every dog is not a “dog park” dog, and that at the end of training the dogs will be able to coexist but will most likely be running through a field of flowers holding paws.  He went on to explain the socialization process that he uses with his balanced pack and how in the end of the training he would go over every step of the training and how to maintain it. Curtis was very patient but very clear that the only way that this will be successful is if everyone in the house was on board and able to continue the training once the dogs returned home. The day came that we dropped our dogs off. We were nervous to leave our dogs but soon were put to ease. Within 20 minutes of leaving we were sent 2 videos of our dogs. 1 of them walking calmly together (something we have never been able to accomplish) and 2 both of them in place in a room full of dogs.

Over the next 3 weeks we were sent a video and or a picture every other day of our pups as well as a progress report. Anytime that we had any questions Curtis was quick to reply.  Our nervous dogs were becoming happy playful dogs . It was amazing to watch their transformation. On the day that we went and picked them up Curtis explained that when they first come out that they would be excited to see us but as we move on through the training you will see the magic.  He didn’t lie… We were so happy to see our boys healthy and happy.

We started the session and witnessed our dogs become calm and actually listened to what we had to say. Both my wife and I were able to handle and lead both dogs at the same time. We went through everything and then sat and talked about our questions and concerns. Curtis not only explained things but went through different scenarios and replayed them with us until we were comfortable with everything. Our pickup session was only suppose to last 2 hours but hours went well into 4. Amazing …. Curtis assured us that he would always be there for us weather it is in a week or 2 yrs.

The next day we started our new lives.  The training is so easy that after you follow up and are consistent you can enjoy your time with the dogs you have always. wanted.  Curtis was right though the ball was on our court to keep up this lifestyle. We have taken both of our dogs back to The Calm K9 several times for boarding. Every time we pick up our dogs they are happy and healthy.

-Luke Jones

Curtis and Meredith Craig of The Calm K-9 have been an inspiration to us as fellow trainers. They are the East Coast’s own Dog Whisperer! It was a pleasure and honor to “shadow” them in progress back in April of 2015, so much so that we are planning to go back this August! They are passionate about helping both dogs and owners. Through their unique board & train, they rehabilitate the most challenging of dogs, giving them the ability to live a life without fear and anxiety. Owners come away empowered with a wealth of knowledge and the tools to follow through with their overall change in lifestyle enabling both owners and dogs to life confident and happy lives.

-Stephanie Zannin

Owner/Trainer of Breakthrough K9 Training


It has been a year now since Steeler went to The Calm K9 and had the privilege of learning from the fantastic Curtis Craig and his family. It was a decision I wrestled with….. The eCollar, prong collar, why was I failing… It was the BEST decision I ever made!!! Thank you doc Alicia Jones Wagoner for pointing me in his direction!! And thank you Curtis for still being there for us and for all you do for so many dogs!!! We still have work to do. But now everything is just one more thing to surpass!! And its fun and satisfying! I never thought I’d see the day I received so many compliments on how well mannered my Lil man is!!! And the freedom he now has for his good decisions! He still maintains some independence! And he still has his charisma and terriertude!! Calm n content canine in this house!!! And a much calmer leader!! I have learned patience!! Love you Lil man! You changed my life!! The next chapter awaits and I’m super stoked!!!

-Anita J. Wright

Owner/Trainer of The Zensational Dog


Team Calm K9 is without a doubt where your dog should spend its time training. The Calm K9 has the knowledge, talent, work ethic and care that will save lives and produce healthy/happy dogs and dog owners! If you want real results, The Calm K9 is the place to be.

-Jeremy Majors

Owner/Trainer of Majors Academy Dog Training


We took in a stray back in March of 2014. She is a sweet dog and got on well with our other two dogs. She only had one flaw she couldn’t be left alone in the house she suffered from severe separation anxiety. We have friends in Tennessee that run Tennessee Death Row Dogs a non profit that takes dog about to be euthanized and gets them adopted. They send dogs to Curtis and Meredith all the time. So I started following their Facebook page to see what they were all about. I was impressed by the reviews I found and what my friends told me about the dogs that they sent there. So I started planning how I was going to get Sacha there as I live in Texas. Curtis then donated two 3 week training sessions to TDRD for them to auction off to help the vet bill for one of the rescued dogs. I bid and won one of the sessions. I planned my vacation to visit my friends in Tennessee and to drop Sacha off at The Calm K9.

It was the best decision I ever made. Someone asked me why I would spend the time and money to send the dog to a trainer. My reply was I send my horses to trainers why wouldn’t I send my dog! I am not a horse or dog trainer! Drop off day arrived, I was nervous as I hadn’t had her that long and would she think I was abandoning her. I didn’t have to worry I had my first two videos 20 minutes after I left showing her on the treadmill and in place. I was amazed! Pick up day arrived three long weeks later. One would think after only having her a little while that I wouldn’t have missed her as much as I did! But I was glad the day was here. I was anxious and excited about picking her up. My friend Judy realized that it would probably be that way so she called to remind me to be calm when I got there so I would retain what Curtis showed me. He showed us everything. He was great when she came out she was a happy calm contented dog. She did great with everything I was extremely pleased but even better was him giving us the tools to continue with her training at home. Everyone should realize that just because you send your animal to a trainer that they still need to have that training reinforced every day.

As I am writing this Sacha is doing her place time in my office with me. She is doing awesome. But even better is we have used the tools and techniques on our Australian Shepard Dusty. Dinner time used to be high anxiety time with all of us shooing him away from the table while we were trying to eat. If that didn’t work we put him in his room which then resulted in him barking the whole time we were eating. I started him with place a week after I got home with Sacha. The change at dinner time is amazing it is quiet and peaceful! I put the two of the in place just before starting dinner and it is quiet the whole time. I would highly recommend Curtis and Meredith they do a great job with the dogs and their humans. But remember they get you started you still have to do your part when you get them home. Trust me when I tell you it is so worth it. They will always get my dogs and if I lived closer that would be where I board my dogs. Thank you so much for bring peace into our home it isn’t perfect but it is getting there!

-Cathy Hayes


The Calm K9 has has made the quality of everyday life better for us as a family (dogs are family). The teachings and training of Curtis and Meredith are priceless. They will love your dog and teach you everything you need to REALLY love your dog! Thank you for saying, I made your week but y’all have made a lifetime of happiness, calm, peace and love.

Hi Curtis & Meredith!! Our Vet and the techs were so amazed this morning with Joey!! They couldn’t believe he was the same dog! On his record he has warnings: Dog aggressive, Extremely protective etc. Joey was so well behaved and calm the Vet asked what we did. We gave him your name and website. He said his GSD is not as well behaved as Joey. He looked you up on the spot! Also during the visit a owner surrender intact GSD came in and the tech stopped in the door way to show the Vet. Joey let out a short deep grunt but continued to just lay there and ignore the GSD. That really impressed the Vet! The Vet remembered having to stitch up Joeys head from going crazy due to a dog in reception. Thank you for changing the quality our lives with education and training!.

-Michelle Nakamura Cook


I cannot say enough about Calm K9 and Curtis Craig, the trainer…. My dogs are my world so I’m very picky about who handles them. I came to him with one dog who had some aggression issues, but my other two dogs simply had normal puppy-like manners and just needed some fine-tuning. I was impressed from the first minute Curtis walked in. The dogs listened immediately, and we learned SO much that first meeting that in past years had taken weeks and weeks. Curtis takes charge but yet he has such compassion and a love for animals. It shows in everything he does. I let one of my dogs go to his “board and train” for 2 weeks which was SO hard for me to do. I am so protective of my “babies”. He sent me videos and constant updates. The improvement started the first moment my dog got there. By the end of the first day, my dog was no longer chasing cats. She also had food/toy/bone aggression which are very hard issues to eliminate. I read over and over on the internet how serious it was, yet when I got her back, she was totally different. Curtis Craig showed me exactly what he did and it wasn’t anything drastic. Curtis has a natural talent for knowing how to work with animals individually. His own pack was also helping to teach my dog how to act. It was pure magic…After this, Curtis follows up and shows the owner how to take over. I also had regular in-home training with the other two dogs and it was amazing to see how fast the progress came about. In the past, I have spent a huge amount of money on “lessons” that took weeks and weeks and didn’t get a fraction out of it as I did in just two sessions with Curtis Craig. You get SO much for your money. I cannot say enough about this trainer and wish that EVERY dog owner could get this training. It makes the dog a happy and balanced dog AND makes the human a VERY happy camper! And for me to trust ANYONE to take one of my animals to their site for 2 weeks is monumental, and I would trust Curtis Craig with their lives with no hesitation.Our first night home with Angus was wonderful! It is amazing how after just 2 weeks with you, the dynamic of our home has flipped. Our older dogs and kids were not afraid of him, they actually enjoyed Angus’ company. Thanks so much!

-Leigh Robbins


Curtis and Meredith are the most professional, and knowledgeable trainers in the area. They go above and beyond to insure dogs from ALL over the country get the training, and help they so need. They have taken in dogs from shelters from KY and TN for training, and these dogs then go on to get adopted due to the training they receive from them! Curtis has an amazing ability to work with, and help even the most aggressive dogs. I’ve personally witnessed his training on more than one occasion. Dogs that are nervous become happy, and well balanced, dogs who couldn’t even be in a room close to other dogs or people, calmly and happily becoming family members, and pack members. Curtis’s dogs are ALWAYS well cared for, fed a well balanced diet, exercised regularly, and their home and facility are always clean, and well maintained. I have and always will HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who TRULY needs help with their dogs.

-Sarah Morrow 

I am a witness to the talent of this company. Curtis is awesome at working with troubled dogs. He trains the untrainable!

-Diann Pewitt Woodall


Just wanted to say thank you again. Titan is a different dog since coming back from his time with you. We get to have him hanging out with us all the time now & enjoy his company. And he finally seems to enjoy our company as well! He is happy and relaxed and loving/lovable. Soooo glad we found you and I’m sure he would say the same!

-Kim Webb


Our first night home with Angus was wonderful! It is amazing how after just 2 weeks with you, the dynamic of our home has flipped. Our older dogs and kids were not afraid of him, they actually enjoyed Angus’ company. Thanks so much!

-Sarah Gregory Whiteside


He is a COMPLETELY different dog! I swear this morning when I forgot to make him wait when going out the back door and he sat on his own and didn’t come out and was looking at me like “tell me what do”. I am amazed at the turn around. If I didn’t know better I would SWEAR you replaced my dog with a calm one!

-Shaun Grogan


Angel is doing great! Thanks for everything. It’s amazing how calm when people come over or when we’re heading out for a walk. And today we met two dogs along the way. She sat right away and never even whimpered as they walked by.

-Rebecca Whitney


I want to say thanks again for your work with our Sadie. She is a changed fur baby. I’m sure we don’t do everything correct but with your help we have figured out away to make all of us work together. This past weekend I had her around people and another dog. She plays very well. It has been along road with her but you made it so much more smooth to travel . thanks again

-Marc Affron


Usually Sampson barks like crazy at people that go by the car when it’s parked. We stopped for pizza on the way home from your house and he didn’t bark at a single person that went by! He is so chill:) we can’t thank you enough!

-Jessica Beard


Curtis Craig, we are still under going renovations with workers at our house. It has been hectic since we got home with our big boys Samson and Petey. I feel so encouraged. I just took Petey for a “relief” walk in our front yard (no fences). He was a perfect gentleman. No pulling or barking. The Calm K9 has opened up a new life for us.

-Susan Brown


Last night the hubby and I walked all 3 dogs together as we have done every week for the last few months. He only gets to go on Sunday’s and/or Monday’s with me so I am usually walking them by myself 1 dog at a time during the week…sometimes 2 at once depending on how I feel that night. I AM STOKED! They were almost angelic on the walk. They were so good we decided to take an extra loop around the block. There were tons of distractions (lots of cars, lights, truck beeping while backin up, squirrels, dogs, bunnies) that caused great stress to my husband but the dogs were unphased! I am so proud of Nakita, Lulu and Leo my precious pups. They are finally realizing I AM THE ALPHA and letting me be the leader of the pack. Thanks Curtis Craig for your help in realizing I needed to establish this with them. I can’t wait to order my new prong collars and then it will be even more enjoyable on our walks. WOO HOO!

-Carol Blomquist Bordes


My name is Debbie and I foster for my local animal shelter. I usually take the more “difficult” dogs to place due to behavioral issues. 5 months ago I met my match in Buddy. EVERY method of training I was use to he rebelled against. He was aggressive with men, dogs, cats. He challenged me on everything. He bullied anyone and anything that was in his “line of fire”. I was exasperated to the point of not knowing if I could EVER get Buddy turned around so he could go to adoption events.

Curtis Craig came to the shelter in Daviess County, KY and offered his help with ANY training issues in our community. All he asked was a donation to our shelter. He listened to where Buddy and I was at in our training and offered me guidance on how to break US of our slump. He gave ME the confidence to build Buddy up. I am proud to say that Buddy just made his first adoption debut and feel that without the guidance of Curtis Craig Buddy would still be listed as unadoptable. I would recommend Curtis to anyone that is having issues with their pets. He has a true gift with challenging dogs. He genuinely cares for the people and dogs that he works with. I can honestly say, he has offered Buddy a new look on life! THANK YOU CURTIS CRAIG!!!!

-Debbie Austin