What is ecollar training

What is Ecollar Training?

Off Leash Communication

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    In it’s simpliest form, Ecollar training is a way to communicate with your dog wirelessly, on leash or off leash.

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    When taught by a professional, Ecollar training is incredibly safe and effective.

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    Ecollar training is easy to transfer over to new people. For example, if we train your dog, we can easily train you (the owners) to maintan the same training when your dog goes home!

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    The ecollars we usein training are 100% waterproof. They also have a 1/2 mile range, far more range then you will ever need! They also have 1-100 levels in stimulation, this is great for subtle training with sensitive dogs.

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    We highly recommend it to keep your dog feeling safe and calm. The end result is an ‘off leash’ trained dog that will always come back when called 100% of the time and will follow you when off the leash as well.

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    When used properly this low level stimulation has great benefits and reinforces what we establish during the board and train period. It is used during our training programs as a gentle reminder to your dog.