Dog Board and Train

A Board and Train is a style of dog training that allows your dog to be fully immersed into a new environmental. In a board and train, your dog would come to live with us and our dogs in the Orlando, Florida area. While this may seem like a big change for your dog, that’s precisely the point.  Having done thousands of boarding and training programs over the years, we continue to see how beneficial it is for dogs to leave home for a while to live with a pack of dogs and have daily obedience training.

Now you may be asking yourself how this type of training can be transferred over to you when your dog goes home. Not to worry, we have that down to a science. You will have more than enough time with us before and after your dogs stay to get a handle on how to continue your dogs training. We are always here to help when you dogs goes home.

When your dog returns home we will give you instructions on how to maintain what we have done. This is will help you maintain the proper routine and good obedience behaviors that we have established with your dog. You’ll need a step-by-step plan, and that is provided!

The home that your dog lives in during Board and Train is the perfect environment for dog development. By living with the world-renowned dog behavior expert and his personal pack your dog gets to experience the proper lifestyle that is in place 24/7. Through proper routine, positive interaction with the trainer and exposure to other dogs that are well trained, your dog will develop good behaviors at a rapid pace.

Though our training program is progressive and intense it is also great fun as your dog gets to run, play and socialize with other dogs. The end result is a dog that is calm and connected to it’s owner. Your relationship with your dog will naturally be improved as you will be able to effectively communicate to a dog that now understands all of the basic commands. Our training covers all of the basic commands including: Heel, Sit/Stay, Place, Waiting at Thresholds, and Recall.

In addition to our command training we will resolve any negative behavior issues, such as jumping, barking, aggression, etc.

What you can expect from our board and train programs:

Your dog will be treated like one of our own dogs. He or she will be well fed and kept in a safe, clean environment with trainers that first and foremost love and respect dogs. Though much of our program is based on the best practice in behavior development, you should know that we became dog trainers through a natural process and for no other reason than our love for dogs.

We have taken severely aggressive dogs & transformed them into calm K9’s that can interact peacefully around other dogs and people. This can save the life of a dog that is given no other options than to be ‘put down’.

One of the things that sets our program apart from others is the massive amount of dog to dog interaction. Your dog will get the chance to socialize with several other dog’s during the ‘away from home’ board and train. This will increase your dogs ability to learn, adapt and obey even when in contact with other dogs that would normally be distracting.

When your dog returns home we will give you instructions on how to maintain what we have done. This is will help you maintain the proper routine and good behaviors that we have established with your dog. All dogs, no matter what breed, age, or history will develop good behaviors through our program but it is extremely important that you and everyone in contact with your dog follow our guidelines to establish the proper routine, reminders and relationship with your dog.

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